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species Dragon or Scyther (whisper friendly)
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Latest Journal posted 20 Apr 2013

Saw this meme in a few journals, so I decided to do it as well. I know you guys all ignore my journals anyway, but yeah~ Biggest Little Furcon is happening first weekend of May down here in my hometown area, and I'm pumped. If any of you are going, come and find me! avatar?user=61596&character=0&clevel=0 HerrAardy and I will be there, and there should be copies of Burning Curiosity. I'd love to sign some autographs. ;)

Here's the meme itself, nabbed from Base_Progression specifically:

As of the moment, I won't be at the hotel! I live here in Sparks and I don't want to room with random furs I don't know, so~ I'll just be bussing back and forth from my house.

I'll show up at the GSR early and leave late, each day of the con.

Means of transportation
RTC :o

Sharing a room with
See ab...

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TheMasturbatingBear 3 months ago
Hello there, kind erotic and artistic dragon.
Gelyvin 8 months ago
hi there a long time fan of yours just saying hi ^^
ScyStorm 8 months ago
Kharnak 9 months ago
no photos? :C
ScyStorm 9 months ago
Why would I have photos?
Kharnak 9 months ago
oh it's ok, i snagged a decent image from a car reflection ;3~~~
ScyStorm 9 months ago
DarkSoulsSauron 9 months ago
i greatly appreciate you work, especially burning curiosity.
LukeBlueFox 1 year ago
Perfect Story Scy, Great Job!!!!!:3
Sapphire Airesa 1 year ago
Hey))) I'm big fan of your and HerrAArdy's art project - Burning Curiosity)
I've read full story on your website's fantastic!)))))
^____^ greetings from Ukraine)
Heuvadoches 1 year ago
Thanks for that comic! OMG! It's been absolutely wonderful.
Germ 1 year ago
Hallos =3
SmokeyShadow 2 years ago
HerrAardy 2 years ago
HI. :D